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I want to be Miss Simple//
I'm not normal. So what? What's wrong with that?

Leeteuk doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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“SJ to release comeback teasers starting on 21st Aug.
Comeback on music shows on 29th Aug.
Album release on 1st Sept.”
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suga is king

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Kai’s punishment to Taemin after losing in their games

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I thought watermelon just had too much rind and that was wrong until I saw the next gif 

I didn’t know that people ate mangoes and kiwis any other way. Why the fuck would you do that?


Saw this on facebook the other day and seriously fell in love. This is so freaking awesome and helps eliminate waste. Definitely trying these ways from now on.

I once peeled an orange in a similiar way that here and everyone around gathered to watch like it was some kind of performance because they never saw it peeled that way

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 when 4D JaeJoong at a fansign event

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tell me someone did this on purpose

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140815 Leeteuk SMTOWN Ⅳ SEOUL concert | cr: 左左_Cuacua的THJ, do not edit.

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Yeah cats TOTALLY only like us for food and have no emotional dependency at all.

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a horrified/worried zico when ukwon gets hit with three gourds (ft. the members)

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and it goes on..

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